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Welcome to GC Unlocks

An American company servicing phones across the US

Tired of waiting for your company to unlock your phone?

Locked out of your phone by a Google Account?

Does your phone have a damaged IMEI?

The solution to your phone's problems are just a few clicks away

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How does it work?

Step 1

Get Your Device's IMEI

Dial *#06# to obtain your device's IMEI If your device is Google Locked, you can enter the Serial Number Instead

Step 2

Place Your Order

Site Fully Protected Process is completely Safe No Warranty Void on your device Devices with unpaid balance may be eligible

Step 3

Free Your Phone

Guaranteed Service Permanent Service Risk Free Service Use Our Chat Today
Remote Services Requirements
Full Access To A Windows Computer Access To A OEM USB Cable Stable Internet (25mb Download & 10mb Upload Minimum)

Make Sure Cell Phone is recognized by PC port No HotSpot or VPN Connection Allowed Mac OS NOT Supported Chromebook OS NOT Supported Linux OS NOT Supported
Unlock Codes Requirements
Make sure device prompts for an Unlock Code

Unlock Codes are Final Sale Unlock Apps Are Not Supported by Unlock Code
Device Unlock App Requirements
Make sure device displays "Device Not Eligible For Unlock" when running the Unlock App

Device Unlock App are Final Sale Blacklisted devices NOT Supported "Communication Error" NOT Supported "Server Not Responding" NOT Supported "Unable to Connect To Server" NOT Supported

Why people entrust us with their phones?

With over 7 years of experience in remote services, our team of experienced professionals service your device without ever damaging or voiding your warranty. Freeing your phone should not be a hassle, therefore, we commit ourselves on taking care of any & all additional steps that may be required to service your device, making your experience with GC Unlocks as smooth as possible.

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