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Phone Not Allowed - What does it mean?

Phone Not Allowed - What does it mean?

    If you purchased a phone online, from a friend, or got a hold of a phone second handed, there are some chances that you might have stumbled across the Phone Not Allowed MM#6 message on your phone.

    So, what does the Phone Not Allowed MM#6 mean?

    This infamous message that appears on your device is a sign of your device's IMEI being blacklisted.

    What does blacklist mean?

    When an IMEI (also known as your device's unique identifier) is blacklisted, it will not be able to place any calls, send text messages or pick up any signal from any sim card, even if the device has been network unlocked.

    Can it be fixed?

    Yes! Here are a few options you can do to fix this issue on your phone:

    1) Contact the carrier which you are attempting to use the SIM from & ask them if they can update their networks to allow your device to be used specifically with them.

    2) Visit a local Retail Store & have them fix the SIM Card Reader.

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