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What is Knox Management and can it be bypassed?

What is Knox Management and can it be bypassed?

    What is Knox Management?

    Knox Management, also known as Knox Manage or Knox Mobile Enrollment, is Samsung's security feature available on all their Samsung devices running on Android Version 4.4 or newer. This Knox feature is usually seen on Companies or Organizations that use it's built in restriction features as to what can be and cannot be done on a Samsung Device. For instance, a Company that wants to provide Samsung Tablets for their employees to be used as devices for Business Purposes only, will gain the access to the following on a Knox Managed Device:

    - Limit the Use of the device (Cannot place phone calls, can only open certain web pages on the internet, strictly base it off Company Use Only)

    - Install Company Related Apps Only (You cannot install other apps that are outside the bounds of the Company's intended use of the phone

    - Restrict the use of Camera

    - Provide different restrictions to different users

    - Enable the device's GPS Location in case it ever gets lost

    - Lock, Reboot or even Factory Reset the Knox Managed Device

    All these features will be available to the Company who uses Knox Management with the ultimate goal of limiting a device for business related uses only & if lost, lock, factory reset and power off the device rendering it useless.

    Can Knox Management be bypassed?

    Unlike Samsung's Google Locks, Knox Management is considered to be a MDM (Mobile Device Management) Lock, which are currently impenetrable at the moment.

    How is it different than Samsung Google Lock?

    Very simple, a Google Lock can be removed, a Samsung Knox Management cannot. If a device is lost, a user may perform a Factory Reset, however during the setup the device will not proceed until WIFI Access is granted. At which point, when the device connects to WIFI, it will begin to download any & all apps permitted by the Knox Manage & if the device has been blacklisted, will not be able to proceed with the device's setup. Best of all, when a device has been connected to WIFI, the Company now has the location of the device & will have the opportunity to acquire it.

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