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How to Use Odin to Flash Firmware or ROM on a Samsung Phone in 2021

How to Use Odin to Flash Firmware or ROM on a Samsung Phone in 2021

    Where Can I Download Samsung Firmware or ROM?

    One of the most famous and FREE places to download Samsung Firmware or ROM is:

    Android File Host

    I have a file already, where can I download Odin?

    The Odin we have seen give the least amount of issues with any Samsung Model is the Odin3 V3.14.1_3B_PatcheD, which can be downloaded directly from the link provided by XDA Developers (special thanks to XDA user realbbb for the Odin)

    Download Odin Here

    I have both the file and Odin ready, how do I flash my phone?

    The first thing we suggest doing before you ever flash your phone is to remove your Google & Samsung Accounts on your device. Once you have removed all Google and/or Samsung accounts, you can proceed with the flashing.

    If for some reason you do not remove your Google or Samsung Accounts, when the flashing is finished, the device will prompt for the login credentials to the accounts respectively. If for some reason you do not know your device Google or Samsung Account login credentials, you will be FRP Locked off your phone, which means you will not be able to go inside your phone again.

    Once your file is extracted from it's ZIP, you will need to observe & see if the Firmware or ROM File has 1 or more than 4 parts. If the Firmware or ROM has only 1 file, when you run Odin, you will only need to load it into the AP part of Odin. If the Firmware or ROM has more than 4 files, you will need to load the 4 files into their own section respectively, example:

    AP (on Odin):


    BL (on Odin):


    CP (on Odin):


    CSC (on Odin):


    If your Firmware or ROM has a HOME_CSC, you can decide whether to select that on the CSC section or the CSC only file, on the example above we used the CSC only in the CSC Section of Odin instead of the HOME_CSC.

    Keep in mind your files must end with tar or tar.md5 extensions only.

    Once your files are loaded into Odin, you will need to place your device in download mode, to do this you will need to turn your phone off and disconnect it from your computer. When your device is off, press and hold the following buttons respectively:

    Devices without Bixby Button or Home Button: Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Button

    Devices with Bixby Button: Volume Down + Bixby Button + Power Button

    Devices with Home Button: Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button

    A blue warning screen will appear, press Volume Up to continue.

    If your device is displaying Download Mode, your device is now ready to be flashed with Odin.

    The next step is to run Odin, then connect the device (the device will be listed under ID:COM).

    Tip: Be sure to connect only one Samsung device during the Odin process, make sure your USB cable is a Samsung original cable, other cables may cause issues interrupting the flashing process & may damage your device.

    If your device is NOT showing up, you may need to download & install Samsung Drivers:

    Download Samsung Drivers Here

    Tip: If your device is still not detecting after the Samsung Drivers are installed, try closing and running Odin again. If the device is still not displaying then change your USB Cable to another Samsung Original Cable. If your device is still not displaying after installing drivers and changing USB Cables, then either your computer port or your Samsung Phone's Port may be malfunctional.

    Once your device is detected on Odin, we highly suggest selecting the following options under Odin's Options Tab:

    [X] Auto Reboot is ticked ON

    [X] Nand Erase is ticked ON

    [  ] Re-Partition is ticked OFF

    [X] F. Reset Time is ticked ON

    Any other options must all be ticked OFF.

    Once you have verified all options are correctly selected, click Start on Odin & wait until you see a green PASS displaying, indicating Odin has successfully flashed the Firmware or ROM.

    That is how flashing is done on Samsung Phones in 2021, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial & keep an eye out for further tutorials we will be posting along the way, enjoy.

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