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How to Enter my Unlock Code on my Samsung Phone in 2021

How to Enter my Unlock Code on my Samsung Phone in 2021

    Instructions about unfreeze are meant for people who have purchased a NCK-PCK-DEFREEZE unlock code service. If you have purchased the NCK Only, this service does NOT include the UNFREEZE code. If you have FREEZED your phone, the unlock network code won't help to unfreeze, only unfreeze code will reset freeze phones.

    Step 1: Determine the lock level of your Samsung

    If you have ordered unlock codes from our website, you will receive an email containing something similar to the following:

    NCK Only Unlock Codes look something like this:

    NCK: 12345678

    NCK-PCK-DEFREEZE Unlock Codes look something like this:

    NCK: 12345678

    SCK: 12345678

    SPCK: 12345678

    Unfreeze: 12345678

    Most networks only lock their Samsung handsets with the NCK lock enabled. Therefore you should only need to use this code when following the input instructions (see step 2). However some networks will have dual locks in place (whereby the NCK and another lock is enabled) or they may have just an alternative lock level such as SCK or SPCK.

    It is best practice to be 100% sure which lock level is present on your handset, to do this follow these instructions:

    Enter the following code into your phone with the current sim it accepts: #7465625*638*#

    A menu will be displayed that will resemble the following...

    1. [xxx] Network lock

    2. [xxx] Subset lock

    3. [xxx] SP lock

    (xxx = Value ON or OFF)

    If only the Network lock is displayed saying ON then you will only need to use the NCK code with the instructions below. If you see the Subset lock value as ON then you will need the SCK code and if you see the SP lock value as ON you will need the SPCK code.

    The unfreeze code we send you should only be needed if:

    (a) You accidentally freeze your handset by entering too many incorrect codes or not following our unlock instructions accurately.

    (b) Your handset displays the 'phone freeze' message whenever an alternative network SIM card is inserted into your phone prior to it being unlocked.

    (c) You see the 'return for service' message.

    Now you know the correct lock level of your handset and thus the correct code required for input, you may continue to the next step.

    If for some reason the phone does NOT accept the NCK, you will need the PCK code in order to unlock it. Sometimes both are asked so we highly suggest purchasing the NCK-PCK-DEFREEZE Codes.

    Step 2 : How to enter my unlock code

    The fastest way to enter your unlock code is to insert an Invalid Sim Card, making the device prompt a message asking for the Unlock Code.

    Once the unlock code message is displayed, you will need to enter the NCK provided to you by us. When the device accepts the code you will see a message displaying: Network Unlock Successful

    If for some reason you do NOT see a prompt message appearing after inserting an Invalid Sim Card, you will need to dial the following: #7465625*638*#

    The code above will work on all Samsung devices, including those running on the latest version.

    Step 3 : Enjoy your unlocked phone

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